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Send sensitive GDPR information

secure by email!

Why choose for Secure Mail?

Every organization must meet the GDPR, ISO27001 / 2 or sector specific requirements. That is why you need a user-friendly solution that prevents data leaks in communication. Make sure you maintain control over information security, while employees can continue to email efficiently as they are used to, email attachments are securely stored and made available through a download link. Choose safe, choose SENDTEQ!

Safety is standard at SENDTEQ. You want to share files securely without compromising ease of use. With SENDTEQ we offer many functions that guarantee that you can communicate AVG-safe by email. SENDTEQ sets the new security standard for file sharing and email.

SENDTEQ protects all attachments. Sending confidential data by e-mail is therefore no longer a problem. SENDTEQ protects all email sent by all users.

SENDTEQ does not require a plugin and therefore works with any email client and infrastructure. Configurable and easy to use. With SENDTEQ, users don't have to worry about complicated menus - just send emails safely as usual, without any problems!

Users should not be busy figuring out sensitivity ratings, security options, and password settings. Why take the risk by putting security on users? SENDTEQ unburdens you!

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With SENDTEQ you securely offer confidential documents to

customers and relations

In 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation / General Data Protection Regulation (AVG / GDPR) law came into effect. With this, it is officially no longer allowed to send documents with privacy-sensitive data unsecured via e-mail, for example. This law is complied with by using SENDTEQ.

To provide a solution for this, you can securely share files (with third parties) via SENDTEQ by simply sending an email with an attachment. SENDTEQ will replace the attachment with a download link for the recipient. This download link is directly secured in several ways:

  • the link can be password protected

  • the link is only active for a limited time

  • the file can be downloaded a limited number of times

  • the connection is encrypted

How does it work?

  1. Create an email as usual and add the attachment.

  2. SENDTEQ 'strips' the attachment and provides a download link in the mail.

  3. The recipient receives the email and can download the attachment via the link.

  4. Rules are assigned to this download link as time of availability, possibly password or even more as desired


Files to be shared are stored on the SENDTEQ server within a secure environment.

The files are extra safe because they are stored encrypted.

Sender emails as usual with attachments, but these are replaced by a download link.

The download link can be password protected.

The attachments are stored within your own secure environment.

Additional security options are customizable. For example, the availability of time for a document.

Documents are not 'stuck' in the mailboxes at the recipients. A hack of an e-mail account has no consequences for sent documents, which are not in the mailboxes.

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All data processing is done via ISO27001 compliant mechanisms and FIPS 140-2 approved encryption algorithms. More information about these processes is available and shared on request.

When is e-mail really safe?

The three main causes of data breaches:

Accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong person.

Messages intercepted on the way, due to an unsafe connection.

Hackers who break into email boxes with weak passwords.


  • Create an account via the link. This gives you access to the portal.

  • As soon as we receive notification of a new account, we will contact you immediately.

  • Together we provide a working trial account or, if desired, a full account.

  • The same day, information can be securely shared by email.

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