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Data is 100% safe with SENDTEQ

Data is 100% safe with SENDTEQ


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Sendteq is uniquely secured at different levels. We do not compromise on security. Every file sent via Sendteq is 100 percent secure. We would like to tell you why Sendteq is so unique and how the security is structured exactly.

It's all about security and privacy.

All data processing is done via ISO27001 compliant mechanisms and FIPS 140-2 approved encryption algorithms. More information about these processes is available and shared on request.

SENDTEQ is an MSP Sevice in collaboration with DOQEX Ltd.



Security is the only standard. The Sendteq platform was developed out of the need to collaborate securely on highly sensitive information. Some examples are communication between healthcare institution and patient, communication between government and citizen, but also more technical matters or secret reports. In short, any information of value.


Multiple layers of security. Sendteq uses multiple powerful encryption layers to protect data. Much attention is paid to key and storage management. Data is always stored encrypted on the platform. In fact, all data and the decryption keys themselves go through multiple encryption processes before they are stored.


The human factor. When you think about security, you can't ignore the weakest element:

The users!

The Sendteq user environment is therefore designed to protect them from common mistakes.


Stay in control. The most important control that is offered to you is the extensive audit trail. Sendteq records every action by users and system processes that changes data. The audit trail is no secret within Sendteq, which is why every user can view his or her own audit trail, schedule automatic reporting and enable notifications for almost every action.

Would you like to know more if the security will work for you with SENDTEQ?

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Tips & Tricks

The standard with SENDTEQ is to keep attachments of e-mail messages safe. This prevents the risk of data leakage.

# 1 Want to make attachments available directly in the recipient's inbox? Which can!

Enter the following e-mail address as CC recipient: nostrip@ignore.this

SENDTEQ removes this address from the e-mail, the recipient will not see it.

Our advice is to create a contact person in the address book of the organization who links a clear name to the e-mail address.

# 2 Extra attachments with a password? Which can!

Add the following address as CC address: <secret password> @ set.password

Replace <secret password> entirely with your password. This password must be shared with the recipient.

SENDTEQ removes this address from the e-mail, the recipient will not see it.

Our advice is to share the password with the recipient by SMS or WhatsApp or possibly via a separate e-mail address.

# 3 Share the password directly with the recipient? Which can!

Add the following address as CC address: <06receiver> @ recip.sms

Replace <06receiver> in its entirety with the recipient's mobile number. (e.g .: 0612345678)

Our advice is to use this feature so that there are no typos or misunderstandings in password exchange. State in the email that the recipient can expect to receive a text message from SENDTEQ.

Work Desk

Securemail: send e-mail in an AVG-responsible manner. Sent e-mail always remains under the control of the sender.

Data request: simply send your relations a data upload request. Via a secure portal they can share the requested information with you here.

Works on all devices: smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop.

Tracking & Trace: no more worrying if a file has arrived successfully. When the recipient has downloaded the files, you will receive a clear notification.

File recall: Wrong attachment sent? Then simply revoke it by making the file unavailable for download.

Documents are not 'stuck' in the mailboxes at the recipients. A hack of an e-mail account has no consequences for sent documents, which are not in the mailboxes.


Convinced of the security and also the need for secure data sharing? Start today!